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Starting at $17,000

OHO Clinic

Discover our advanced prefab clinic, tailored for efficient, patient-centered care. With modern amenities including an examination area, workspace, restroom, and kitchenette, practitioners can optimize productivity and focus on delivering exceptional healthcare. Welcome to the future of medical practice.

7X3  |  21 SQM to 40 SQM  |  1 Office  |  1 Workspace  |  1 Examination room  |  1 Bathroom & Kitchenette
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Integrated Workspace:

Our prefab clinics feature a seamlessly integrated workspace, providing practitioners with a dedicated area to efficiently manage patient records and consultations without compromising on patient care.

Comfort-Focused Design

Designed with both practitioners and patients in mind, our prefab clinics prioritize comfort with thoughtfully curated amenities such as ergonomic seating and ambient lighting, ensuring a welcoming and soothing environment for all.

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  • How long does it take to receive a OHO prefab after placing an order, and what is the shipping process like?
    The construction duration for our prefab projects ranges from two to four months, influenced by factors such as size, quantity, customer customization, and design complexity. We offer shipping to any location within Lebanon, and for international orders, we explore both land and sea transportation options.
  • Will OHO handle the arrangements for permits required for the installation of the units?
    OHO representatives will provide the required drawings of the prefab units, however, clients are responsible for contacting the local government or construction department to initiate the permit application process.
  • Are OHO Prefab houses suitable for year-round use?
    All OHO Prefab products, are designed for year-round use.
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OHO Clinic

Elevate your medical practice with our cutting-edge prefab clinics. Experience efficiency, comfort, and innovation in healthcare design. Contact us now to revolutionize your clinic space and enhance patient care.

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