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Starting at $16,000

OHO Kiosk

We pride ourselves on creating bespoke, high-quality kiosks designed specifically to cater to your individual requirements. Our kiosks are meticulously engineered and constructed using cutting-edge prefab technology, guaranteeing durability.

8X4X4.5 M  |  32 SQM
Bathroom  |  Open Area  |  Storage |  Fully Customizable
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Customizable Design

Our prefab kiosks offer endless customization options to meet your specific needs. From size and layout to branding and aesthetics, we tailor each kiosk to align perfectly with your vision and requirements.

Advanced Prefab Technology

Utilizing the latest prefab technology, our kiosks are meticulously engineered for superior durability and efficiency. From precise construction to seamless assembly, our advanced techniques ensure top-quality results that stand the test of time.

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  • How long does it take to receive a OHO prefab after placing an order, and what is the shipping process like?
    The construction duration for our prefab projects ranges from two to four months, influenced by factors such as size, quantity, customer customization, and design complexity. We offer shipping to any location within Lebanon, and for international orders, we explore both land and sea transportation options.
  • Will OHO handle the arrangements for permits required for the installation of the units?
    OHO representatives will provide the required drawings of the prefab units, however, clients are responsible for contacting the local government or construction department to initiate the permit application process.
  • Are OHO Prefab houses suitable for year-round use?
    All OHO Prefab products, are designed for year-round use.
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OHO Kiosk

Elevate your business with our customizable prefab kiosks. Tailored to your needs and built with cutting-edge technology, they're ready to enhance your brand and streamline operations. Contact us now to bring your vision to life.

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