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Oho Home offers a unique approach to living and working, redefining the conventional norms. Our aim is to make luxury accessible to all. We bring your dreams to life, placing them within a cabin where you can cherish moments with loved ones or foster creativity in your business endeavors. Choose from our diverse designs or let us tailor your ideal space. Each unit features a queen-size bed, a living room, a sofa bed, a kitchenette, a bathroom, and a laundry corner.

Energy Efficiency

Prefab houses often feature advanced insulation materials and energy-efficient designs, reducing energy consumption and lowering utility costs for occupants. From efficient heating and cooling systems to sustainable building materials, these houses prioritize environmental sustainability while offering comfortable living spaces.

Customization Options

We  offer a wide range of customization options to suit individual preferences and needs. From layout and design to finishes and fixtures, homeowners can personalize their prefab house to reflect their unique style and requirements. Whether it's adding extra rooms, adjusting floor plans, or incorporating specific architectural features, prefab houses provide flexibility for homeowners to create their ideal living space.

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  • How long does it take to receive a OHO prefab after placing an order, and what is the shipping process like?
    The construction duration for our prefab projects ranges from two to four months, influenced by factors such as size, quantity, customer customization, and design complexity. We offer shipping to any location within Lebanon, and for international orders, we explore both land and sea transportation options.
  • Will OHO handle the arrangements for permits required for the installation of the units?
    OHO representatives will provide the required drawings of the prefab units, however, clients are responsible for contacting the local government or construction department to initiate the permit application process.
  • Are OHO Prefab houses suitable for year-round use?
    All OHO Prefab products, are designed for year-round use.
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OHO Home

Experience the future of housing with our prefab houses. Discover customizable designs, energy efficiency, and unmatched comfort. Contact us today to find your perfect prefab home.

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