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OHO Work Unit consists of two separate rooms within one cabin, offering privacy—a perfect fit for college students, digital nomads, military personnel, and anyone seeking their own cozy retreat. It features a single bed, a desk, a bathroom, and a kitchenette for added convenience.

Flexible Layout Options

Our prefab work units offer versatile layout options to accommodate various work styles and needs. Whether you prefer an open-concept space or individual workstations, our units can be customized to suit your preferences, fostering productivity and creativity.

Integrated Technology Infrastructure

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology infrastructure, our prefab work units ensure seamless connectivity and efficiency. From integrated power outlets to high-speed internet access, these units are designed to support modern work demands and enhance workflow.

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  • How long does it take to receive a OHO prefab after placing an order, and what is the shipping process like?
    The construction duration for our prefab projects ranges from two to four months, influenced by factors such as size, quantity, customer customization, and design complexity. We offer shipping to any location within Lebanon, and for international orders, we explore both land and sea transportation options.
  • Will OHO handle the arrangements for permits required for the installation of the units?
    OHO representatives will provide the required drawings of the prefab units, however, clients are responsible for contacting the local government or construction department to initiate the permit application process.
  • Are OHO Prefab houses suitable for year-round use?
    All OHO Prefab products, are designed for year-round use.
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OHO Work Unit

Transform your workspace with our prefab work units. Experience flexibility, efficiency, and innovation in your daily work routine. Contact us now to revolutionize your workspace and boost productivity.

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